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A message from the Minister for Recycling and Waste Reduction

Awareness has never been higher in the community about the role we all play a role in responsibly managing waste and our environment. This interest, and China’s seismic decision to ban waste imports, has promoted strong action from industry and government to try to deal with the extent and urgency of the waste problem that has been revealed in Australia.

All Australian Governments have now agreed to ban waste exports overseas, and deliver a plan for managing waste better locally, at all stages of the process.

Whilst this is a huge challenge, it is also an opportunity to develop new industries, from designing more sustainable packaging, through to creating new jobs to process materials, and create new products from these commodities which would otherwise go into landfill.

In the ACT, we have set ambitious targets to generate less waste, with a target of 90% resource recovery and delivering a carbon neutral waste sector. We are also working at the national level to deliver on actions under the National Waste Policy, and to support the growth of industry capacity and infrastructure to recycle materials.

Governments have a strong role to play in better managing waste, but communities, industry and institutions like our universities also are critical partners in the innovation that is required to reduce waste going into landfill.

Resourceful Waste provides a space for industry, academics and government to share their knowledge and collaborate in our shared vision to reduce waste.

I look forward to reading about the innovation, ideas, experience and technology that will help us to better manage our valuable resources and build a circular economy.

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